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Is it cheaper nowadays to rent a car than electric scooter?

It very likely that you have noticed an increased number of shared bicycles or electric scooters in recent months. There is nothing to wonder about, this type of transport has become very popular abroad and it begins to raise popularity in our region as well. However, have you ever wondered how much such rent of electric scooter actually costs?

At first glance, it may seem that renting an electric scooter is a completely cheap affair, but the opposite is true. If you want to explore the city streets and have a scooter available throughout the day, ie for 24 hours, the rental price is normally in the range of 20-30 €. We can say that riding an electric scooter is a relatively expensive thing and can you even magine riding in bad weather, eventually riding a longer route on an electric scooter?

Today, regarding coronavirus situation, not only in Slovakia but also in the world, car rental companies have been forced to reduce their prices diametrically in order to survive. So why not use what the current time offers to your advantage? Renting a car from us starts at 20 € / day, you have a choice of vehicles with manual and automatic transmission. So why limit yourself? Do not hesitate to try car rental through Rentalport today!