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What is the significance of competition between international and local car rental company?

If you have already learned the benefits of renting a car through a car rental platform such as Rentalport, you will also encounter other specifics, especially on an international market. Large global players have usually other services in their portfolio. What are the advantages of local portals compared to global ones? Here is our comparison:

1. Big players, lots of rules

Although or portals are among the largest, this does not mean that the customer will get the most advantageous conditions for them. Usually these systems are really simple and the reservation can be made quickly and easily, but at one point you will commit to a number of conditions that may not be extra advantageous for you. In short, the portal will commit you to certain certainties so therefore, only you will bear the possible consequences.
In oposite, local companies are more customer-oriented. For example, the largest car rental portal in Slovakia, Rentalport cooperates only with proven brands, which it verifies in advance. Only thanks to this are you sure that the customer will actually rent what they expects.

2. Inconsistent prices

Various prizes are also a public secret, which you can only find on global portals. Although these portals generally say that they provide the best conditions for specific customer needs, this is not quite the case. Prices vary and depend on various factors. Therefore, you may find that your mobile device uses the same offer at a different price than your computer. On the other hand, the offer of local companies is always transparent and does not differ for different customers, neither does it differentiate customers according to the places from which they order the service.

3. Orientation to the region

It is understandable that the goal of large companies is to make a profit. Therefore, they will never focus on the regions in their offer, and doesnt they invest their revenues back into the region. Instead of they will focus business where is a high demand, such as airport, train and bus stations.

Therefore, it is really good to take a closer look at global service. Business practices that are not in accordance with the law of the given country may be quite common. The case from november last year, when the portal in Czechia got a fine more then 300 000 euros. The reason was that according to ÚOHS obliged hotels, guest houses and other facilities not to offer accommodation anywhere, whether on their own website or with a competing supplier, at a lower price than on Booking. Unfortunately, there are more such cases in the offer of global companies.

4. Fair conditions for car rentals

Rentalport definitely makes sure that its suppliers succeed, and in this way they approach for cooperation. As far as pricing is concerned, Rentalport does not specify pricing for car rental companies. It is fully within the competence of the car rental company. Rentalport only recommends and advises how to work with pricing and develops tools that simplify pricing as much as possible. In addition, Rentalport boasts a transparent commission, which is charged only on the rental price. It is therefore not charged for extra services. The commission is also from the lowest possible amount, from the rental price without VAT, which is also very fair.

So when you choose a car rental service or other services in general, do not automatically focus on the offer of global companies, because they are the largest. It is likely that local companies will provide you with the same or more favorable terms than global players. This was also the case, for example, in the case of a pandemic, where local players could flexibly arrange and focus on supporting local tourism and the market. However, this is not the intention of global companies.

If you compare the offer and benefits of local companies, you will find that their conditions will be better for you and your region in many areas.