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Rentalport cities: Bratislava

Rentalport already operates in more than 20 cities and three countries. Each city is unique and has a lot to offer to its visitors. We have decided to share the most interesting travel tips in these cities with you on our blog. The first city is a Slovak capital - Bratislava.

Bratislava - The Beauty on the Danube

Bratislava, also known as the Beauty on the Danube, is a city with an exceptional geographical location (it spreads on the border of three states - Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary) and rich history. In the past, the territory of Bratislava was settled by the Celts, Romans, and from the 6th century by the Slavs. Bratislava is also known as the coronation city of the Hungarian monarchs of the Habsburg dynasty.
A compact historical center with many architectural references to this monarchy has been preserved in Bratislava to this day. There are numerous beautiful mansions and burgher villa houses, in which lived and worked world-famous artists, architects, and inventors such as Hummel, Mozart, Liszt, Beethoven, Haydn, and Kempelen.

A modern Central European metropolis

The historical center of the city with important landmarks such as Bratislava Castle or the majestic Dome of St. Martin is complemented by modern architecture in the form of elliptical towers of the prominent architect Zaha Hadid or the high-rise Panorama Towers, designed by Spanish architect Ricard Bofill. The newly established business district in which these modern buildings are located is gradually changing the panorama of Bratislava and giving it an impression of a modern Central European metropolis.

The Slovak capital is known for its unique atmosphere of the Bratislava promenade with a number of shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants. Traditional Slovak cuisine alternates with exotic flavors from different parts of the world in small, stylish street food establishments. Bratislava is also a Slovak center of culture and a number of cultural events take place here throughout the year. Locals meet with visitors to the city to celebrate history, food, or art at festivals, Christmas markets, and other events. One of the most important events of the city is the Coronation Days when Bratislava commemorates the history of its famous coronation period.

The Green City

Bratislava is not just a place full of life, business, and entertainment. It is also a city that offers numerous green areas. There are many parks, public gardens and green areas in Bratislava and its vicinity, including the oldest public park in Central Europe - Janko Kráľ Park. There is also the protected landscape area of the Little Carpathians and several nature reserves, Danube floodplains, and meadows belonging to protected reserves and habitats of European importance.

The vision of Bratislava as an ecological and sustainable city is connected to a new approach to transport and public space, which should be an enriching element for its residents and visitors. The city has launched a project of free sitting in the city called Sadni si !, which is inspired by similar eco-solutions of other world's capitals. It includes prioritizing pedestrians and mobile greenery, promoting of bike-sharing and restrict parking in the city.

An ideal place for a family trip

Visit the capital with your little ones and enjoy an extended weekend full of attractions and experiences. ZOO with DinoPark, science center, Železná Studnička complex, these are just some of the attractions that are worth seeing with children.

One of Bratislava´s most visited places is undoubtedly the Bratislava Zoo where you can find more than a thousand animals and 180 species. From May to September, visitors can experience commented feeding, which brings them closer to the animals and the Zoo also includes a DinoPark with life-size dinosaurs and a 3D cinema.

Bibiana, International House of Arts for Children, located directly opposite the Cathedral of St. Martin, offers children an unforgettable artistic experience. Through a fairy-tale world and interactive exhibitions, children become acquainted with art and culture, gain new knowledge, and enrich their imagination.

In case of bad weather, children can enjoy themselves at the Jump Arena, make their own sweets in Bon Manufaktur, visit the Coronation photo-video point and see the historical costumes or discover the Experience Center of Science Aurelium, where children can see how the hologram works or how difficult it is to balance the magnet. In addition, they can try everything themselves!