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Insurance for holidays

In today's turbulent crown times, most people choose to stay at home. However, some of us are braver, cannot stand without the sea and want to go to holiday in Croatia or Italy. Most often they travel by their own car, but some rent a car from a rental company. The reason may be a larger family, so they need a bigger car, e.g. minibus, but there are also those who rent a caravan.

In the following lines, we would like to remind you of the insurance options, which will provide a great chance that your vacation will not be more expensive.

Travel insurance

All passengers should have medical expenses insurance and travel liability insurance. Do not believe the layman, who will tell you that it is enough to take a European health insurance card with you, because it covers medical expenses only to a limited extent in state medical facilities, which you would find hard to find with a broken leg on the Croatian coast. Travel insurance also includes important assistance services, will ensure you the choice of medical equipment, assistance with transport to the hospital or possible repatriation to Slovakia.

Vehicle insurance

It is common knowledge that you must have compulsory motor third party liability insurance, but this is not enough, you should check whether the insurance is valid and whether you as the owner or, in the case of a rented vehicle, the lessor are in arrears with payment. premium. Be aware that if you cause damage to the road, you are responsible as the driver, not the owner of the vehicle.
It is also good to have accident insurance, in the case of an older vehicle, when it is no longer worthwhile to insure the vehicle in an accident for a long time, it is possible to insure some risks in the short term within the travel insurance.

Rented car insurance

You should take a closer look at rented car insurance at your rental company before concluding a contract. Pay particular attention to the participation and the range of assistance services. E.g. in Romanesque countries - Italy, France, where you normally see every third car affected on the streets, the usual co-insurance benefits are 800  or even 1,500 . Pay close attention to the condition in which they hand you the car. Warn of any damage and insist that you want to see any leaks, broken light or scratches marked in the handover protocol.

Assistance services

Assistance services related to a vehicle breakdown or an accident are extremely important. It is convenient and pleasant to be able to call a 24/7 professional service in an emergency, which will ensure:
• On-site repair of the vehicle - defect, minor electrical failure, "knocking" of keys in the car, "dry" tank - fuel import, fuel depletion when changing it and the like.
• Towing to the nearest repair shop,
• Storing a damaged or crashed vehicle.
• Repatriation of a damaged or damaged vehicle to Slovakia.
• Scrapping a destroyed vehicle.
• Organizing and reimbursing alternative transport.
• Accommodation after an accident or breakdown.

Abandoned household insurance

When you are on vacation and your apartment is not supervised, you are more likely to be damaged. The water pipe will burst and you have no way of dealing with it, not to mention theft by burglary. If you do not have long-term household insurance, which of course I recommend, it is possible to insure a limited amount of household damage only during the holidays.

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