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How to choose the right car rental?

Choosing a car rental company is just as important as choosing the destination to which you are going. How to choose the right one? Should the price be the most important criterion when renting a car? In our article, we will point out what to focus on when choosing a car rental.

Terms and Conditions

The first thing that comes to your mind when renting a car is probably the price. It's perfectly logical. However, the low rental price is often associated with various hidden fees or rental conditions that the customer must comply with. The most common ones are an airport tax, limited mileage, a vehicle cleaning fee, or a surcharge for additional drivers, which are not always included in the rental price. Sometimes it is therefore more advantageous to pay a few euros more and be sure that the rental conditions meet your criteria.


Fleet can tell a lot about the car rental company. Although you have a specific idea of ​​what category or type of vehicle you are looking for, we recommend you have a look at what the chosen car rental offers in general. In principle, a good car rental company should have a wide choice of vehicle categories and including new car models.


Most car rental companies offer a wide range of extra accessories and services. However, their price can vary and while somewhere you pay extra even for winter tires or chains, elsewhere it is is free of charge. Before renting, try to think about what you need for your comfort and compare the price of accessories in different car rentals.


Price should be decisive only when you are sure which category, terms and conditions, or accessories meet your criteria. If you are already clear on these things, compare the offers of several car rental companies. Rentalport can definitely help you with that. It offers a wide range of reliable car rentals on one website and saves your time. Moreover, there are always some promotions and good deals.