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Help for car rental companies

Car renting is a seasonal thing. The strongest are usually the summer months of June, July, and August, when car rental sales account for up to 60% of full-year sales. Recent years have been proof of that. The demand for car rentals was so high during the summer seasons that car rental companies often had to buy new vehicles. This year, however, the situation was completely different.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on almost all areas of the economy, including car rentals. Due to low sales, many of the large car rental companies were forced to sell part of their fleet. The situation improved slightly during the summer when car rental companies were able to benefit at least from the remaining number of vehicles available to them. However, the unsuccessful season is difficult to catch up with.

We are currently in the range "middle" and "low" season. At the same time, we are facing the second wave of the pandemic. Tourism is paralyzed, businessmen who use car rental services in our region are working from home and most European countries are again in danger of a lockdown, which will resemble the spring one. The existence of many car rentals is at stake.

Since creating a healthy competitive environment for car rental companies is one of the core missions of Rentalport, our team has been thinking intensively about how to help both customers and our business partners in these difficult times. We agreed that giving is currently more important than taking., a.s. therefore, within Slovakia temporarily waives the commission for reservations, which it charges to its business partners, and the canceled commission will be transferred to the customer in the form of a discount on car rental.

To overcome the bad times, car rental companies will be able to use our channel to promote their services to the same extent free of charge, and customers, who are especially those who prefer safer individual transport to public transport, will not have to reach so deep into their pockets.

You are probably wondering, what will we get out of it? Good feeling! The good feeling that we will do something that will temporarily help our customers and business partners. We are all on the same ship now, and our team believes that once the business goes as it should, the losses will come back to us.