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Car rental of the year 2020 in Slovakia

Rentalport is the first independent company in Slovakia that has decided to appreciate the excellent work done by car rental companies with regard to the extremely chalenging year 2020.

Any of the more than thirty rental companies that Rentalport associates throughout Slovakia could become a CAR RENTAL OF THE YEAR 2020, which is why Rentalport has decided to be not only an association of car rental companies but also a guarantor of the CAR RENTAL OF THE YEAR 2020 award.

The following criteria in particular were decisive for obtaining the CAR RENTAL OF THE YEAR 2020 award in Slovakia:

  • customer satisfaction and safety
  • fleet status
  • active customer support
  • innovation in car rental

In 2020, MK Car car rental received this award, to which it was awarded the winning certificate by Rentalport CEO Martina Bondarchuk.

The winning MK car rental company, which has offices in Bratislava, Žilina and Košice, pays particular attention to customer satisfaction and boasts a wide and well-equipped fleet, which can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. You can easily and cheaply book MK Car rental cars online via our website.

The owners of the MK car car rental company have told us that they did not expect the award at all and are very happy about it. They did not forget to note that they will make a special effort to defend the award next year.

Due to the extraordinary success of the award and the positive feedback, Rentalport has the ambition to award car rental companies in other countries as well.

Congratulations to the winning MK CAR car rental and we wish you much success.