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What to expect when returning a rented vehicle?

Returning a rented vehicle can sometimes be a little complicated. Therefore, it's good to know what to expect when handing over a car and how to prepare for it.
In our article, we will give you a few tips, thanks to which you can avoid possible complications and save your time and money.

Vehicle return time matters

Car rental companies usually charge extra fees or even a full day of rental for a late vehicle return. Therefore, make sure to plan the vehicle return time in advance. Keep in mind that one day of rental is exactly 24 hours. This means that if you pick up your vehicle at 10:00 in the morning, you should return it at the same time or sooner. Also, check the business hours of the car rental in advance. In most cases, you will have to pay extra for handing over the vehicle out off business hours.

Return the car with a full tank

Most car rental companies rent cars under the condition of handing over the vehicle with a full tank. If you do not meet this condition, the car rental company may charge an extra fee for refueling. Therefore, do not forget to refuel the vehicle before returning it.

Limited mileage

Before booking a vehicle, we recommend you to check out if the rental includes unlimited mileage. If not, make sure you do not exceed the daily mileage limit to avoid the over-mileage charge. We also recommend taking a photo of the speedometer at the beginning and end of the rental. You will have proof of how many kilometers you have driven.

Take a picture of the vehicle before returning it

In addition to the tachometer, it is good to take a picture of the fuel level indicator and the exterior of the vehicle after parking the vehicle at the place of its return. If the car rental company unjustifiably charges you additional fees for missing fuel or damage to the vehicle, the photos might be useful.

Don't forget your personal belongings

After parking, check the interior of the car and take all your personal belongings. We recommend checking all the compartments on the doors and the dashboard, as well as space under the seats.

If you follow these steps, returning the rented car should be done quickly and without any complications. In addition, if you book a vehicle through, you can contact us in case of any questions or problems.