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Upcoming summer season: Why you should book your rental car in advance?

A year ago, the revenues from car rental dropped by an average of 85%. The losses could not be made up even during the summer season, and 2020 thus became a liquidation year for many car rental companies.

In 2021, however, the situation will be different. With the arrival of spring, the epidemic situation in Europe has improved and most countries report a gradual easing of governmental restrictions. Many of us have already started planning summer vacations.

What trends can be expected in the area of car rental during the upcoming summer season?

High demand for cars vs low supply

Although the epidemic situation across Europe is gradually improving and air ticket prices are significantly lower than they used to be before the pandemic, many travelers will still prefer local travel by car this summer. However, the number of vehicles for rent on the market is currently significantly lower as many of the car rental companies were forced to close their business or reduce their fleet last year. Moreover, the financing of new cars and delayed deliveries of new vehicles caused by the global shortage of semiconductor computer chips, make the situation even worse.

Higher prices

With the increased demand for car rentals, their price will increase in direct proportion. This trend can already be seen in the USA, where tourism started to quickly recover due to the availability of vaccination and the release of anti-pandemic measures. Rental prices are currently two to three times higher, and in many destinations vehicles for rent are booked out for several months in advance. A similar scenario can be expected in European countries in a few months.

A "Boom" of contactless rentals

The increased hygiene standards that we had to get used to during the pandemic affected also the area of ​​car rental. Customer expectations have increased and most prefer car rental companies that take care of thorough disinfection of vehicles. In order to increase security, contactless rentals are an ideal choice, reducing the risk of virus transmission to a minimum. During this summer season, they are likely to experience a "boom" and gradually become the common standard in the car rental business.

How to avoid overpriced car rentals?

If you want to avoid high rental prices and choose from a larger number of offers, we definitely recommend you to book your vehicle online and in advance. When booking online, you can also find specials discounts and promo offers that you would not otherwise know about.