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Does Your Age Matter When Renting a Car?

No matter where you are planning to go by your car rental, the driver's age requirements can increase the price of your reservation by several tens of euros. This is especially true for younger or older drivers. How to find out whether you belong into this category?

Read the rental conditions carefully

Age restrictions should be clearly defined by the car rental company when booking the vehicle as well as in the Car Rental Agreement. However, many customers often overlook them inadvertently. As a result, they often have to pay an additional fee for not meeting the minimum or maximum age criteria.

What is the minimum/maximum age for renting a car?

Most car rental companies require a minimum age of 21-25 years at the time of rental. In case this requirement is not met, the car rental company may charge the customer an additional fee, the so-called Younger Driver Fee, or may refuse to rent him a car. Older drivers may face the same situation, while the maximum age of the driver ranges from 70 to 75 years on average.

Why is the age of the driver important?

The answer is simple - younger drivers tend to have less driving experience. For a car rental company, they pose a greater risk of causing an accident. In the case of older drivers, in turn, there may be an increased risk of reduced concentration while driving, for example, due to an unfavorable state of health.

Length of possession of a driving license

In addition to age restrictions, some car rental companies also apply the length of driving license possession requirement. In practice, for example, they may require the customer to hold a driving license for more than a year (or more), regardless of his/her age.

How to avoid age restrictions when renting a car?

The only way to avoid age restrictions and additional fees is to rent a car from a car rental company that does not apply any age requirements. If you are traveling as a group, there is also the possibility to leave the driving to an older passenger who meets the age criteria. In any case, it is important to carefully read the rental conditions before making a reservation.