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What Are The Advantages of a Long-Term Car Rental?

Ordinary car rentals are used as a short-term replacement while repairing the car, for a trip or vacation, or for special occasions such as a wedding or anniversary, when customers focus primarily on luxury car models.

In principle, in all these cases, we are talking about short-term rentals. But have you ever heard about long-term car rental? What are its advantages? Keep on reading!

How Does Long-Term Car Rental Work?

In principle, long-term car rental is very similar to a regular short-term rental. However, the main difference is its duration, as the long-term rental lasts at least a month or longer. Unlike ordinary short-term rentals used for an exceptional occasion or a trip, long-term rentals are a service designed for people who search for a car for daily life use. The second, and the most significant difference for many customers, is the price of long-term rentals. Most car rental companies apply the same rule - the longer the rental, the better the rental price/day.

What Are Its Advantages?


As mentioned above, the daily rate for long-term rentals is usually significantly lower than the price of short-term rentals. In many cases, however, a long-term rental is even cheaper than buying and maintaining your own car. This is especially true in case you always want to have the latest car model at your disposal.

No Maintenance

When renting a vehicle, the car rental company is responsible for its technical maintenance. At the same time, it takes over the related bureaucracy, from providing and renewing all necessary documentation to vehicle insurance, etc. That means that you have the car at your disposal at any time without having to take special care of it.

Always Drive a New Car

Do you prefer driving the latest model? Then a long-term rental is a right choice for you! Replacing the current car model with a newer one is practically problem-free in this case. Unlike when always buying a new car...

No Worries About Reselling The Vehicle!

Selling a car is not an easy task and it sometimes requires a lot of patience. When renting a car, you do not need to go through it! Simply contact the car rental company and ask for a change of the current car model for another ...

How to Find Good Long-Term Rental Deals?

Before you choose the right long-term rental, we recommend that you do a small research and compare the prices of several car rental companies. Make sure not to focus only on price, but also on the services or fees that the rental includes (mileage limit, compulsory insurance, etc.). For a fast and efficient price comparison, try our platform.