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How To Avoid Getting On a Rental Car Customer Blacklist?

Similar to real estate agencies, many car rental companies keep their own records of unreliable customers. Once you land on the blacklist, you probably will not be able to rent a car that easily. Do not worry, if you follow our advice, you will definitely stay safe!

How Can You Become a Persona Non-Grata?

There are many ways how to land on the car rental blacklist. The most common ones include:

  • Unpaid car rental invoice
  • Using a fake ID (driver's / ID card, passport, etc.)Letting unauthorized drivers get behind the wheel
  • Alcohol or drugs use while driving
  • Driving outside the permitted region
  • Unpaid fines for parking, speeding, etc.
  • Off-road driving
  • Using a rental car to commit a crime
  • Failure to return the vehicle within the agreed time without previous notification
  • Threatening or bullying a car rental employee
  • Loss of vehicle documents or equipment
  • Damage to the vehicle or its equipment due to negligence

What Can You Do To Avoid Getting On The Blacklist?

In a nutshell - avoid the above-mentioned behavior. Treat the car rental staff fairly and always try to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the Car Rental Agreement. If you have the impression that you have been wrongly charged an additional fee, try to stay calm and read the contract carefully before filing a complaint against the car rental company. Take care of the rented vehicle as if it was your own car, and if you manage to get a fine, pay it and inform the car rental company immediately.

It is very rare to get blacklisted without the customer's knowledge. Therefore, if you follow our advice, you do not have to worry about your name getting on a "Do Not Rent" list.