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Is It Allowed To Bring Your Pet in a Rental Car?

Do you have a pet and would like to take it by rental car for a road trip or vacation? We have good news - most car rental companies allow the transport of smaller animals in a rental car at no extra charge. But, what should you beware?

Check out the car rental company´s pet policy ahead of time

Rental conditions can vary significantly from company to company. Therefore, we recommend that you check with the car rental company in advance whether you can take your pet on board and what are the conditions for the transport of animals in the rental car. This will prevent possible complications and misunderstandings.

Get a special protective pet-seat-cover

Cover your pet's seat with a special cover, which will keep it clean and safe from animal hair or claws and paws. If you do not want to invest in special gear, even a thicker blanket will do.

Take regular breaks during the trip

A longer car trip can be annoying for many animals. Therefore, make sure that you take enough breaks during the trip, so that your pet will be able to walk a little and have plenty of opportunities to eliminate outside the car.

Consider getting an animal crate

Make sure that your pet is safe at all times and consider getting a special crate to transport it. This will prevent your pet from shedding all over the car and feeling sick.

Have the car cleaned before handing it over

If you feel that your pet has left an odor, animal hair, or paw prints in the car, have it cleaned before handing it over. Professional interior cleaning, including odor deodorization, will definitely cost you less than the Vehicle Cleaning Fee charged by a car rental company.

Gather proof

When taking over as well as returning the vehicle, take a few photos of the interior to prove that you are giving the car back clean and undamaged. If you had the car cleaned before returning it, have a cleaning bill with you. You may find yourself in the event that a car rental company tries to charge you a fee for cleaning the vehicle.