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Where To Go On a Summer Holiday? These Countries Are Lifting Their Covid Travel Restrictions!

In our article, we bring you tips on countries that have reopened their borders to tourists after the pandemic and apply almost no travel restrictions!

The holiday season is behind the door and many countries are finally reopening their borders for travelers after almost two years of travel restrictions. While some countries have completely lifted any pandemic restrictions, in others it is still mandatory to wear a respirator or present a valid COVID certificate.

In our article, we are bringing you a list of popular European summer destinations that have already lifted travel restrictions and where you can really enjoy this year's vacation!


Negative COVID test required when entering the country: NO
Proof of COVID vaccination required: NO
Negative COVID test/proof of vaccination required when entering the interiors: NO
Mandatory wearing of respirator in interiors: NO

Bulgaria is an amazing country where one cannot get bored! It offers beautiful beaches, sacred places and healing springs, the amazing interweaving of architectural styles and ancient monuments, breathtaking nature, ski resorts, fresh clean air, and much more! Most importantly - everything is close and you do not need to spend days traveling from one place to another. The size of the country allows you to travel to several regions at once during one vacation and get experiences and memories until your next visit to this hospitable country.
For those who are looking for a lazy holiday on the beach, there are plenty of famous resorts such as Sunny Beach, Pomerania, Golden Sands, Rusalka, Sunny Day, and many more. The Black Sea in Bulgaria is warm, the sandy beaches are clean and one is surrounded by the beauty of nature and architecture.
Although there are not too many big cities in Bulgaria, you can easily spend the whole holiday just exploring Sofia and Plovdiv. Bulgarian cities are full of traditions and antiquities, in each region, you may find an ancient temple or monument, so urban tourism is very interesting.

RentalPort Tip: Take a trip to the town of Ardino and make sure to stop at the Devil's Bridge, which was built between 1515 and 1518 by the architect Dimitar from the nearby village of Nedelino. It is one of the most beautiful arch bridges stretching across the Arda River in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Devil's Bridge is one of several "devil's bridges" in Europe. The bridge is 11.5 m high, 56 m long, and 3.5 m wide. Internal semicircular arches for level monitoring were built into the bridge structure. The reason why some locals are reluctant to cross the bridge at night is rooted in dark legends from the past. According to one story, the chief architect's wife died during construction, so her shadow was concreted into the structure. Another legend says that on some stones you can see traces of the devil. Although all of these stories are part of folklore, the silhouette of the bridge in the dark evokes disturbing feelings.

If you are planning a trip to Bulgaria by train or plane, we recommend you rent a car from Rentalport and get to Devil's Bridge from anywhere in Bulgaria. In case you do not know how to rent a car in Bulgaria, read here.


Negative COVID test required when entering the country: NO
Proof of COVID vaccination required: NO
Negative COVID test/proof of vaccination required when entering the interiors: NO
Mandatory wearing of respirator in interiors: YES (until June only)

Going to Greece and seeing quickly only the main tourist spots or, on the other side, just lazing around on the beach is a real crime! In this country, you must enjoy everything: food and wine, the sea and the afternoon heat, communication with the locals, trips to nature, the noise of busy cities, and the silence in the mountains, discos, and entertainment. All at once - otherwise, it won't work.
Greece has it all! This amazing Mediterranean country seems to have brought together all the benefits of the world of tourism. The first-class ski resorts such as Vasilitsa or Kaimaktsalana built on the beautiful greek peaks are adjacent to the beautiful beaches of the Peloponnese and Chalkidiki. A relaxing holiday on the Greek islands can be complemented by an adventurous trip. The capital city of Athens is a perfect place for such a trip! In case you prefer less crowded places, go for example to the Greek Patmos. It is impossible to describe the beauty of different regions as they are all exceptional!

Rentalport Tip: If you happen to visit Athens, we definitely recommend you have food at the Masina restaurant at Leoforos Syngrou! It is a barbecue restaurant, which is open 24/7, and eating there will not ruin your budget! The restaurant serves three types of meat: pork, chicken and beef, including souvlaki - traditional Greek skewers. The menu includes a decent selection of Mediterranean salads and appetizers made from the freshest ingredients. Once there, you should definitely taste feta, the famous Greek cheese served with sesame seeds and honey.


Negative COVID test required when entering the country: NO
Proof of COVID vaccination required: NO
Negative COVID test/proof of vaccination required when entering the interiors: NO
Mandatory wearing of respirator in interiors: YES

Albania is located near the gentle waves of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, surrounded by its coastal neighbors, which are the most popular among vacationers - Greece and Montenegro. Albania has been isolated from the world for many years, so most people know woefully little about its rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature with picturesque canyons and beautiful clean beaches. The locals are very hospitable and it is reflected in the rich and tasty food, more than reasonable prices for tours, and respectful approach to anyone who shows interest in their modest landscape.

Albania has beautiful resorts and cities that are perfect for a peaceful holiday.

For example, Vlore is a relatively large resort in small Albania - it has up to 130 thousand inhabitants. So far, the balance of developed infrastructure and wildlife has been maintained, but gradually the city is becoming more and more popular among tourists. In less than two years' time, it will probably not be as calm a place as it is now. A daily ferry to the Italian city of Brindisi is a nice bonus while staying in Vlore.
Another place that is worth visiting in the town of Berat located a bit far from the sea. Due to its inland location, it is not crowded, prices are lower and the streets are quieter. The population here is only 60 thousand and the city is full of architectural monuments.
The last must-see place is the small town of Saranda, located in the south of the country, just opposite the Greek island of Corfu. This place is considered the best in Albania for a quiet holiday - there are no crowds and noise. It is so because of the city´s poor transport accessibility. Hurry up to get there before the infrastructure is built and the city is full of tourists.

RentalPort Tip: There is a daily ferry from Vlora to the Italian city of Brindisi, such a trip is a must!

Madeira Island (Portugal)

Negative COVID test required when entering the country: NO
Proof of COVID vaccination required: NO
Negative COVID test/proof of vaccination required when entering the interiors: NO
Mandatory wearing of respirator in interiors: YES

Holidays in Madeira should be called "total relax" in the company of beautiful nature, beauty, quiet, and unusually clean air. There are no beaches on the island, however, there are balneological centers and special ladders for descending into the water near the ocean. There is a hill area for lovers of fishing and hunting (from September to December), golf and trekking, windsurfing, and diving. Tennis and horse riding are also very popular. The local restaurant serves excellent cuisine.

The most visited town and heart of the island is Funchal, where most tourists stay. From the capital on the south coast, roads lead anywhere to Madeira. Near to Funchal, there is Camara di Lobos, a city that was made famous by W. Churchill. The resorts on the west coast are Ribeira Brava with a beautiful viewing platform, Ponta do Sol,  in which is situated the ancient church of Our Lady of Matrizhu, and the town of Calheta with the best beaches and lighthouse.
The resorts of the eastern part are Caniço, where the statue of Cristo Rey rises, Caniçal with the Whale Museum, Santa Cru, and Machico. Most tourists go north to see the triangular houses of the islanders in Santano, admire the highest waterfall in Porto Moniz and bathe in the lava pools there. In the center of the island, from the Encumeada Pass, you can see the north and south sides at once, as well as visit the Curral das Freiras valley in the crater of an extinct volcano.

RentalPort Tip: If you want to observe the power of the Atlantic Ocean in all its beauty, we recommend you to visit the north of Madeira. In the south, the coast is protected from the wind and the ocean waters are more or less calm.

Slovakia Entry Requirements

It is also very important that even after returning to Slovakia you will not have to undergo quarantine and you no longer need to register at eHranica (decree from 6 April 2022). However, the Ministry of Health still recommends monitoring your health and, in the event of COVID-19 symptoms, contacting your general practitioner.

We hope that the lifting of travel restrictions will please you as much as we do and that you will fully enjoy this summer´s holiday! And car rental will help you discover the most beautiful corners of any country you go to. Our RentalPort Team is ready to advise you on the most suitable vehicle for you at great prices.