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How to rent a car through Rentalport platform?

Renting a car is a great way to discover the beautiful, inaccessible areas at your own pace. The following article its not only about how you can book a car step by step through the Rentalport platform...

Online booking in advance is the ideal and the easiest way to book a car. Through the search engine you enter your preferred time and place of pickup and the platform will offer you only the vehicles that you are able to pick up at your preferred time. You will find there a great selection of car rental companies with a wide range of different vehicle categories.

Through the filters on the site the customer has the possibility to select vehicles according to many parameters. These are for example price, vehicle category, vehicle size, body style, preferred supplier, customer rating, transmission type, number of passengers and others.

The customer can sort the filtered results according to their preferences. For example, if a customer’s critical criteria are the supplier’s rating, he has the ability to view car rental offers from top-rated to worst-rated.

From the filtered results, the customer has the option to click on the offer that seems to be best for him/her. So he can find out more detailed information about the selected vehicle category, fees, the company from which he is to take the vehicle from, as well as information concerning the deposit, insurance or the total amount of rent.

The customer confirms the reservation by clicking on the “book” or “shopping cart” button. The customer is then asked to fill in their contact information. Obligatory information that the customer must fill in includes, for example, the date of birth and the license number. These data are very important as there are age restrictions for the rental of vehicles and at the same time only a person with a valid driving license can be the driver of the rented car.

The condition of a successful reservation is the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions as well as the confirmation of acquaintance with the conditions of the processing of personal data. Terms and Conditions contain the most important information about the way of renting a car in a specific car rental company. This information is extremely important, so we encourage customers to familiarize themselves with it before making a reservation.

The customer may use one of the supported payment methods to make the payment, including payment by card or bank transfer. After the payment for the reservation, the customer receives a confirmation of the reservation with the reservation number on the email address provided when booking. The customer is obliged to show the confirmation of the reservation with the reservation number when picking up the vehicle. Most car rental companies accept booking confirmation in electronic form on their mobile, laptop or tablet, so there is no need for the customer to have the confirmation in paper form.

The contract of lease is directly between the customer a specific car rental company. In most cases, a car rental company will require the customer to pay a security deposit before commencing the rental of the vehicle.

Upon car drop off, the customer may be required to present documents such as a driver's license, a valid identity document or a credit card issued in the name of the “main” driver. The customer also cannot avoid obligatory inspection of the vehicle and signing the acceptance protocol

The whole process from finding a suitable offer to making a reservation - to paying for it is very simple and you can do it in minutes. When picking up the vehicle the process is also practically the same but each car rental may have internal processes set up slightly differently.