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Why do I have to make a deposit when renting a car?

Car rentals are used by many people in Slovakia. It is a practical and simple way to get a car according to your ideas for a trip, event or occasion. Car rental is not too expensive, but on the other hand, not cheap either. Some types of fees are associated with the rental. One of the fees to be paid when renting a car is a security deposit.

In fact, the security deposit is a guarantee for the car, which serves to cover the rent for the vehicle itself, but also to cover any incidental costs that might be incurred in addition to the rent paid.

In this way, the rental company is protected in the event of any additional charges. These charges include, in particular, any penalties for speeding, vehicle damage, non-refueling or other potential rental costs. It is a quick and gentle way to ensure that the tenant is careful while having a car. In any case, the car is rented with a full tank when and it should be dropped off with a full tank also.

In any case, it is easier for both parties if the car is returned refueled. Remember that all cars have insurance, in the event of an accident, the tenant pays only up to the amount of his deductible.

To make a deposit payment it is ideal that you have a credit card where you can withhold money for a certain period of time. Some companies also accept cash, but a credit card is a more practical way to pay the deposit. If nothing happens during the lease period, the deposit is returned in full to the tenant.

It is not possible to bypass the car deposit in any car rental company. The reason is completely understandable. Different rental companies charge different amounts for deposits. If a client is also affected by an insured event or a penalty during the lease period, it is easier for both parties to deal with the fee by paying with the deposit.