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How to avoid vehicle damage?

Especially during the winter months, it is very common that your car to be damaged. Of course, not only during the winter but especially when there is snow, ice and the road is wet, accidents can happen very easily. There is a large number of accidents and it is better to avoid them. Especially if you want to avoid solving such problems with an insurance company in the case of your own or rented vehicle.

But let's say something about the most common cases of vehicle damage and how to prevent them.  In this case, however, we are not talking primarily about the accident, but rather about various cases where the vehicle is damaged by mechanical damage or by a third party.

1. Be careful when parking - if your car is safely parked, you didn't win yet. The vehicle can also be damaged even it is standing in one place. Why? Consider the most common cases:
Whirlwind - if the weather is bad outside, try not to park your car where something could fall on it during a storm or strong wind;
Housing estates - in housing estates, vehicles are parked very tightly, so make sure that the car next to you or behind you can park easily. Always fold the wing mirrors;
Small animals - just during the winter months, it is common for small rodents or cats to find hiding under the engine of your vehicle. Although it is a good idea to check your chassis before driving. You will save one life in addition to damaging your vehicle.

2. Poor roads - many of our roads are not in ideal condition. Therefore, especially when driving in a city or town, increase your attention not only to what is happening around you but also to what you see on the road. Especially after the winter months, the roads are in bad condition. It is good to be careful about potholes especially if your vehicle has a lower chassis. Narrow one-way roads in housing estates and the water puddles can also be also trappy. These can cause you very unpleasant damage to the vehicle.

3. Driving on highways - we already know that the most common accidents on highways and speedways are, unfortunately, accidents with other vehicles. But what may happen?

Windscreen damage - if you are driving too close to another vehicle, or if there is a large truck in front of you, it may shoot a stone into your windshield. Avoid driving close to other cars, if possible;
Beast - unfortunately, these cases are increasingly common. It happens that wild animals or dogs may cross the road. There is no universal advice here - but we recommend - be cautious. Keep your eyes open. It's worse if you can't slow down your ride to avoid a collision. In this case, experts say it is better not to avoid a collision than to twist the steering wheel into the opposite direction which can be more dangerous. 

Be aware of your surroundings while driving because there is a number of situations that can damage the vehicle. The good news is that if you stay cautious before, during and after driving, whether you are in a hurry or not, you can avoid a lot of trouble.