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Winter driving tips

Although it is winter only according to the calendar, it does not mean that the weather on the road will no longer bother us. Especially during winter, drivers need to be more cautious than in other seasons. Roads are slippery, visibility is reduced and during holidays, more of so-called 'holiday' drivers are on the roads. When it is snowing and ice is on the road it is not always easy to manage driving without even a small amount of stress.

In this article, we’ll cover some of our tips to help you on the road during the winter. Even if you are an experienced driver, it will definitely not hurt you to get some useful tips to make your driving more comfortable in the winter.

Prepare your car for the winter (but also for each) season

Before the winter season, make sure that everything is OK with your car. Order for the tire change in advance, because the dates may easily occupied and you will be not able to get the winter tires before the first snow strikes. Also make sure you have enough oil and washer fluid. Remember to check the front and rear wipers. You will probably use them very often during the winter, and if they don't work as they should it can reduce your visibility, it's definitely not worth it.

Clean your car before driving on the snow

Yes, you may be fined for driving a snow-covered car. The license plate must be visible and cleaned, the lights and the car can’t be covered with snow. Even if you feel cold, go and clean it thoroughly. If the snow will be blown from the bonnet to the windshield it can significantly reduce your visibility and you will damage your wipers.

To the mountains only with snow chains

Some drivers consider it appropriate to put on winter chains once they have gone to the mountains, but this is only necessary if the road is covered with a thick layer of snow. It is because when there is only a little snow and you will drive with the snow chains otherwise, you can seriously damage your tires. If you pass a critical section and the chains are no longer needed, put them down. Snow chains are choosing according to tire dimensions. Choose those that are of good quality and they will not disappoint you.

Smoothly right to the destination

Always adapt your driving to the appropriate type and condition of the road you are on. Ice, fog, snow on the road, raining, hailing or darkness, all of that can make your ride uncomfortable. Especially on speedways and highways, drive only as the conditions allow. Do not hurry unnecessarily. Also be careful while driving through the village or through the city. During winter and especially after the winter when the roads are not in good condition, beware of various potholes.

How about a skid school?

Did you ever think about why it is good to go to a skid school? If you get into a skid on the road, it can cost you a lot. So if you don't know the limits of yours and of your car also, it is really more than appropriate to pass the skid school. After all, the right braking technique will make your life easier, not only during the winter. You can learn a lot of useful things in there.

We believe that now you will know a few more tips on how to handle driving in winter. Of course, no situation and season should be underestimated, especially when traveling. However, it is understandable that winter is the most challenging to drive from several points of view. And you are definitely ready for it now.