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Individual transport at the time of Coronavirus

Are you one of those who are panicking about the COVID-19 virus, or you just don't think that it is anything special? Epidemics and pandemics, whether viral or bacterial, have plagued humanity since time immemorial. I’m sure that you heard about Black Death which exterminated almost half of the population of Europe and Asia in the 14th century. You probably also heard about the recent outbreak of Ebola in Africa. But one thing is clear COVID-19 is already in Slovakia and the action is needed. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely stop the spread of viruses because they are transmitted by droplets (coughing and sneezing) and also by touch. Especially in times of seasonal changes with temperature fluctuations viruses perform extremely well. However, it is possible to slow down spreading by increased prevention. 

How can people change their behavior and habits? Will the canceling of flights and trains affect the growth of individual transport? How to use individual transport in the most efficient way? How to decide which individual transport to choose? Read the following blog article.

The virus has affected global tourism so much. International flights are being canceled, national borders are closing, and many people are in quarantine. Crowded public transport, train or aircraft full of unknown people are the breeding ground for viruses and a large percentage of people are infected while traveling. But the world doesn't stop and people need to move from place to place. Global transport is changing to individual transport. Traveling by car is a dominating way of individual transport. 

Individual transport is a great form of prevention and it should be part of each individual's individual crisis plan. But what if you don't own the vehicle?

If you don't own a vehicle because you use it only rarely, you can book a car in crisis situations over the web. Today's time offers many vehicle booking options online. In Slovakia, there will be a platform available in the coming days through which you can rent a vehicle from car rental throughout Slovakia. The platform offers a large number of vehicles of different brands in different price categories. The great thing is that many car rental companies will deliver the vehicle where you need to prevent the spread of the disease.

A similar platform can also help you save some money, as you can compare prices online, you will pay reasonable rentals and you can rely on ratings from previous car tenants.

Keep in mind that prevention is important and we should protect our health even if it can cost us money. Similar platforms are available in crisis situations because we know that health is the most important thing we have.