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What to check when renting a car?

If you are renting a car for the first time, and if you will keep in your head a few essentials, it is likely to be a positive experience. A rented car gives you much more flexibility than other types of transport. And usually, you don't even need to worry about a lot of details like when you own a car. In addition, a rented vehicle is also very useful when you need it only occasionally, or you if want a specific type of vehicle. Rentalport offers the most advantageous opportunity to compare the offer of many different car rentals and then choose what suits the customer's needs. Anyway, when you are renting a car, it is a good idea to check a few essentials. And we will tell you more in the article what are those. 

1. Check the condition of the vehicle  

When renting a car you can't completely avoid "paperwork". The car rental company will provide you a rental agreement where it is supposed to be the information about the condition of the vehicle. If there is any damage or scratches in the interior, exterior or on the wheels it is supposed to be noted in a rental agreement.

Don’t forget to check carefully what's the condition of the car before you sign the contract! It may happen that something was overlooked before you rent a car and the potential problem is in the world. It is more than appropriate to take a look at the car from the inside and from the outside before signing.

If you notice anything you should notify the staff and make sure that the damage is recorded in the contract. You could also take a few photos or a video of the vehicle (if there is any damage) just for a record of how it looked like. It may not be necessary but it is good to be prepared to avoid unnecessary charges or penalties when dropping off the vehicle.

2. What should you fill in the tank and is the tank full?

A big problem may occur if you put the wrong fuel in the car. The vehicle could be seriously damaged, especially if you refuel the diesel into a petrol car. Gasoline behaves as a solvent in this case and can seriously damage several parts of the car. 

If you forget to ask if the car has a petrol or diesel engine when renting a car, you have several options:

See the rental contract where this information has to be included;
The type of fuel you have is labeled on a dashboard, car keys, or fuel tank;
Manufacturers are also labeling the type of fuel in a model name - for example, TDI is diesel.
The tank should be full according to the contract, so check this as well. Well, in this case remember that you will have to drop off the car with a full tank also. Plan your journey, so that you can refuel on the way back without any problems. You will don’t have to pay any unnecessary fees for refueling with additional charges.

In the cases when the rental company does not hand over a vehicle with a full tank, make sure that the fuel tank status is correctly stated in the contract. And make sure that you will return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it was in there before. 

3. Get to know the car

It is important to make sure that you can easily understand the basic functions of the car. We recommend you to check it out again even after you leave the rental. Try the basic tasks you may need. When you are sure that you are in control of the car, then you can start your journey without any problems.

To check with a car rental company what the are conditions when a car is driven by more people, or if you go abroad is a good idea as well. However, they are likely to ask you this too, you may avoid some unpleasant surprises. So let the car rental company know where you are going abroad and who else will drive the vehicle.

Ideally, first look at the Rentalport website. You can compare and book many different offers or read references from other customers there. So you will be sure that you have made the right choice.