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What Should a Car Rental Complaint Look Like?

Although renting a car may seem like a simple matter, things do not always go according to the plan and some complications leading to customer dissatisfaction can occur when renting a car. In this case, a car rental complaint is definitely in place. But what should it look like to bring the desired result?

22nd November 2021 09:06Read more

Does Your Age Matter When Renting a Car?

No matter where you are planning to go by your car rental, the driver's age requirements can increase the price of your reservation by several tens of euros. This is especially true for younger or older drivers. How to find out whether you belong into this category?

15th November 2021 08:00Read more

Car rental in Krakow during the upcoming National Independence Day

On November 11, Polish traditionally commemorate National Independence Day. As this year's Independence Day falls on a Thursday, many of you are probably thinking about how to spend the upcoming extended weekend! How about escaping the everyday stereotype and visiting the beautiful city of Krakow and its surroundings? Don't limit yourself if you don't have your own car and simply rent it for a few days. In our article, we summarized some inspirations for places you should definitely not miss, as well as tips for rentals at unbeatable prices!

9th November 2021 12:25Read more

What To Do In Case Your Rental Car Got Stolen?

It is a very unpleasant situation when someone steals your car. It can be even worse if your rental car is stolen. How should you proceed in this case?

18th October 2021 11:00Read more

Tips for 5 trips in Slovakia that can be done in one day

Would you like to go on a nice one-day trip around Slovakia and see its most beautiful locations? We prepared for you 5 tips for interesting places that can be visited in one day. Just get in your car, and the adventure can begin!

12th October 2021 11:05Read more

What will be the biggest challenges in the car rental business in 2022?

How are large car rental companies dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and what are their prospects for the upcoming year? Leading representatives of Green Motion, NP Auto Group, Midway Auto Group, and Basin Street Partners shared their views with the public during the recent International Car Rental Show. What challenges will 2022 bring in the area of a car rental according to them?

8th October 2021 09:21Read more

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