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Are you in need of a relief vehicle?

Your car has been demolished and a series of endless insurance claims is waiting for you. If you need to stay mobile and rent a car for this period of time, you have to arm yourself with a patience. Searching for the right car rental that the insurance company will reimburse, seem like a relatively difficult task and you do not have the desire or energy to do it. That is why we have devoted the following blog article to how to deal with insurance claims and rent the relief vehicle from A to Z. You will find out when are you entitled to a refiel vehicle, how to choose the right vehicle for rent, how to arrange reimbursement for the rental car with the insurance company and how you can rent a replacement car through

When am I entitled to a relief vehicle?

You are entitled to a relief vehicle whenever you have had an accident, but you did not cause it and your vehicle became immobile. From day to day you have become, so to speak, "carless". This is especially difficult in cases where the vehicle is an integral part of your daily routine. As a victim, you need to secure a relief vehicle as soon as possible. Relief vehicle is entitled for you from the offender's insurance company. However, the relief vehicle that you want to rent must meet several requirements set by the insurance company.

What conditions does the insurance company determine?

The costs associated with renting the vehicle will be reimbursed in full by the insurance company only if you have rented a vehicle of an adequate category or class, such as your damaged vehicle. This means that the vehicle you plan to rent must match the parameters of the damaged vehicle. But that's not all. The insurance company also assesses the rental price of chosen vehicle. Pay particular attention to whether the rental is not unnecessarily overpriced, as the insurance company takes into account the usual rental prices of vehicles of an adequate category at a given place and time when assessing your vehicle. You should also be careful that the insurance company will reimburse you only for the duration of the repair and will require you to prove why and for what reason you were forced to rent the vehicle. And that's not all! To make matters worse, the insurance company also looks at how you used the vehicle. The mileage reveals whether you moved around the city with your motor vehicle or used it for longer routes. Therefore, do not underestimate the mileage limits when renting a vehicle.

Do you feel like it is too much?

If you want your car rental to be reimbursed in full, you need to look at all the conditions at once, which means browsing the car rental websites in your city and finding out the availability of vehicles for each of them. In order to find a rental that meets all the conditions, you have to waste valuable time and nerves. Despite of that, each car rental company has different rental conditions.

How can help?

Choosing a suitable car to rent may not be a science at all. You can compare and book the best car hire from your city through Choosing the right vehicle to rent is really easy, as you will find offers for a large number of car rental companies in one place on this website. The offers are very clear and you will learn almost immediately what the conditions of the rental include. It's also great that all the vehicles that appear in your search are available and you can book them immediately. So no more phone calls!

In addition, you can enter the individual offers into the comparator and choose the one that suits you best with regard to the appropriate vehicle category, adequate car rental price, mileage limits and much more.

Dealing with a replacement car rental has become easier with You no longer have to go anywhere or make phone calls. Just enter your city in the search and choose the vehicle that suits you.