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Tips for 5 trips in Slovakia that can be done in one day

Would you like to go on a nice one-day trip around Slovakia and see its most beautiful locations? We prepared for you 5 tips for interesting places that can be visited in one day. Just get in your car, and the adventure can begin!

12th October 2021 11:05Read more

What will be the biggest challenges in the car rental business in 2022?

How are large car rental companies dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and what are their prospects for the upcoming year? Leading representatives of Green Motion, NP Auto Group, Midway Auto Group, and Basin Street Partners shared their views with the public during the recent International Car Rental Show. What challenges will 2022 bring in the area of a car rental according to them?

8th October 2021 09:21Read more

Rentalport helps raise awareness of car rental!

Although renting a car can be as simple as booking a flight ticket or hotel room, for most customers, car renting is still an unknown topic. For this reason, our Rentalport team is constantly striving to educate our existing as well as potential customers in this regard.

One of the last activities within our mission aimed at actively raising awareness of car rental was the input of our CEO, Martina Bondarchuk, in the morning TV show "TELERÁNO" (broadcasted by the Slovak TV Markíza), where she answered several car rental related questions.

27th September 2021 12:48Read more

Why do car rental companies rent vehicle categories and not individual car models?

Most car rental companies, as well as online platforms for renting cars such as Rentalport, offer for rent categories of vehicles instead of specific car models.

If you are curious to know why, keep on reading!

20th September 2021 22:21Read more

What is the limited mileage and how does it work?

Are you going to rent a car for a holiday, road trip, or a longer trip? In this case, you should pay attention to the mileage limit!

How exactly does the mileage limit work and how can you avoid additional charges? Read on!

19th August 2021 16:10Read more

How to pack your car for a holiday?

Summer vacation is in full swing. Same as last year, this summer most holidaymakers prefer to travel on holiday by car. Traveling by car comes with multiple advantages, including reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission to a minimum, greater comfort, and flexibility, as well as the ability to pack with you whatever stuff you want! Or at least everything that can fit in your car!  However, this can be dangerous since most travelers tend to pack the whole household with them..

How to effectively pack your car for a holiday without having stress? Keep reading!

19th July 2021 13:05Read more

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