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How to properly disinfect your car?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, we got used to social distancing and most of us are trying to avoid visits to places with a high concentration of people. In this context, driving is currently one of the most sought-after forms of transport. You probably know the feeling of security when you get in your car and take off your face mask. However, you should definitely not forget to regularly disinfect your car, even if it is used exclusively by you and your family members. In our article, we will explain to you how to do it.

Protect yourself

Before you start disinfecting your car, bear in mind that bacteria and viruses may be present on some of its surfaces. Therefore, do not forget your safety and use rubber gloves and a face mask when cleaning.

Selection of cleaning products

If there is nothing else available, you can use classic soap or window and fabric cleaners that you normally use while cleaning your household. However, we recommend you using quality car cosmetics, which are affordable and ensure the protection of the car's surfaces. Be sure not to use solvents, degreasers, or thinners, as these could permanently damage some surfaces.

Cleaning the exterior of the car

When cleaning the exterior, proceed as usual, paying special attention to the door handles, the fuel filler flap, and the boot handle.

Interior cleaning

Most bacteria keep on the floor. Therefore, before vacuuming the interior, remove all carpets, and clean them thoroughly. After vacuuming the car, focus on cleaning the following areas:

• steering wheel
• shift lever
• hand brake
• turn signal levers
• light switches
• door handles
• all knobs and buttons
• glass holders
• all touch screens
• ignition
• seat belts and buckles
• seats
• door compartments
• key and remote control

After cleaning all surfaces, do not forget to wash your hands. We are sure that you have learned how to do it since the spring :)

Do not forget about the AC...

Remember to clean the air conditioner regularly. It is recommended to clean it at least 1-2 times per year. If you dare, you can try it yourself at home, thus avoiding a visit to the car repair shop.