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What is an out-of-hours fee and how to avoid it?

You may have already experienced the situation when the car rental company charged you extra fees you did not know about when making a reservation. One of the most common fees is an out-of-hours fee. In our article, we will explain when this fee is applied and how it can be avoided.

Although some car rental companies are open 24/7, most branches have fixed opening hours and may even be closed on some days. If you pick up or drop off the vehicle outside these hours, you may be charged a fee, which usually ranges from 10 to 25 euros. It is not surprising, as car rental employees are entitled to allowances for work over their usual working hours or work on weekends and holidays.

How to avoid the out-of-hours fee?

Simply! Before booking a vehicle, check the opening hours of the chosen location in advance and try to plan the pick-up and drop off of the car at this time. Keep in mind that the opening hours of car rentals may change due to the current epidemiological situation and the upcoming holidays. If you still have to rent a vehicle outside of opening hours, ask the car rental company how much you will be charged. This may help to prevent unexpected surprises.

Are prices on displayed including extra fees?

Yes. At Rentalport, we strive to make vehicle reservations simple and transparent, and the prices displayed on our website are always final prices without hidden fees.

Save money and enjoy more!

If you are not limited by time, pick up and return the vehicle within the opening hours of the car rental branch. For the money saved on fees, treat yourself to greater comfort and book a higher category of vehicles, or extend your car rental by one day.