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What is the limited mileage and how does it work?

Are you going to rent a car for a holiday, road trip, or a longer trip? In this case, you should pay attention to the mileage limit!

How exactly does the mileage limit work and how can you avoid additional charges? Read on!

If you've ever looked at and compared car rental offers for multiple car rental companies, you've probably noticed that there are two alternatives for mileage - unlimited and limited mileage. What do these terms mean in practice?

Unlimited kilometers

The term "unlimited mileage" in practice means that you have no limit on the number of kilometers traveled on the rented vehicle and the car rental company will not charge you any additional fees when returning it. This option is ideal if you are planning a road trip or vacation on which you plan to drive a larger number of kilometers.

Limited mileage

In the case of the designation "limited mileage", the car rental company has a precisely determined number of kilometers for the given vehicle or vehicle category, which you have included in the rental price. It can be a limit of kilometers for one day or the entire rental. Each kilometer driven above the limit is then charged in the form of a fee for above-limit kilometers when the vehicle is returned. The fee is usually around 0.15 euros per kilometer above the limit. The price for rental with a limited mileage is usually lower. That´s why it can seem a good choice for many customers. However, we only recommend this type of rental if you need the vehicle for shorter routes.

How to avoid additional charges for over-mileage?

Information on the mileage limit is part of the Rental Agreement. However, many customers overlook it, especially when renting a vehicle directly at the car rental branch. Then the additional fee is an unpleasant surprise for them when handing over the vehicle. In the case of renting a car through, there is always clearly written if there is a mileage limit or not. However, when taking over the vehicle, we always recommend that you check whether this fee applies to the vehicle you have selected. If so, try to comply with the mileage limit, or choose another vehicle on which the limit does not apply.