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Why do car rental companies rent vehicle categories and not individual car models?

Most car rental companies, as well as online platforms for renting cars such as Rentalport, offer for rent categories of vehicles instead of specific car models.

If you are curious to know why, keep on reading!

Greater flexibility for car rental companies

In practice, various situations may pop up due to which the car rental company cannot guarantee with certainty the availability of a specific car model selected by you. For example, if a customer who rents a car before you decides to extend the rental period. Another example could be the poor technical condition/cleanliness of the vehicle when handed over by a previous customer. On the other hand, when you rent a vehicle category, the chances that any vehicle from the category you choose would not be available are minimal and the car rental company becomes more flexible.

Lower rental prices

Renting vehicle categories instead of specific car models also has an effect on the final rental price, as the car rental fleet can be used much more efficiently in this case. So even though you don't always receive the car model you wished to, you can save up to tens of euros!

How are cars divided into categories?

Car rentals offer a wide selection of vehicle categories for rent, from the MINI category to LUXURY VEHICLES. Car models are divided into categories mainly according to the type of vehicle, bodywork, size of the luggage compartment, or the purpose for which the vehicle is intended. Although the individual categories are very specific, it is easy to get lost with so many options. For better orientation in the vehicle category, we, therefore, recommend that you read our "guide", thanks to which you will definitely choose the right category.

What happens if the car rental company does not have any car from the category you selected?

Of course, in practice, this situation can also occur, especially in the case of car rental companies with a smaller fleeWhat happens if the car rental company does not have any car from the category you selected?t. However, we have good news! If the car rental company does not have any car from the category you selected, you will get a class higher!