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Unforeseen Situations on the Road aka How Not to Spoil the Trip by Rental Car.

Unforeseen situations while traveling are very common. However, you can prepare for them and not spoil your vacation or trip.

For many of us, traveling is an effective way to get rid of everyday stress. Lately, car travel has become very popular since it allows us to travel easily on our own without any limits. On holiday by car, you may also reach remote places and hidden gems that are usually not reachable to most tourists.

Nowadays, traveling by car is fully accessible even to those who do not possess their own car - they can easily rent it. Due to various unforeseen situations, however, even a joyful holiday can turn into a bunch of problems.

How to avoid them? Keep on reading!

What To Bear In Mind From a Financial Point of View

Many not-so-experienced travelers who decide to rent a car run the risk of encountering unexpected expenses due to their own inexperience. To prevent this, you need to pay attention to certain things:

  • The rental car should not only look good and be comfortable but be also economic. For example, a manual transmission combined with reasonable fuel consumption can be an excellent choice for longer journeys. In Rentalport, we offer you a lot of such variants.
  • Before signing the contract, make sure that full insurance is included. It will protect you from any problems in the event of a car accident. Also, pay attention to the mileage limit as well as pickup/return times. For more tips on how to prevent unexpected costs, click here.
  • The overall travel budget is also important. You do not necessarily need to put yourself into a strict saving mode, however, you do should not spend money for no reason.
  • Make sure to book your car in advance to get the best rate.

A long journey? Be Careful With Your Health!

A long journey can be very exhausting therefore you should pay special attention to your health..

  • In case you have a sensitive stomach and suffer from nausea while traveling by car, you should definitely get special drugs for motion sickness. Modern medicine offers plenty of options to make your traveling easier.
  • A long journey by car with children requires special preparation. Fever, nausea, the inability to perform normal hygiene procedures, and even boredom can be an issue. Do not forget to pack medicine, wet wipes, as well as games.
  • Do not forget a well-equipped first aid kit. You should be ready for any sudden illness, from food poisoning (even poisoning) to blood pressure problems.

Pay Attention To Extras

Certain equipment in the rental car may allow you to avoid many problems while traveling. For example:

  • The GPS navigator will help you not to get lost on the road and lead you to the most optimal route in terms of safety.
  • A car equipped with an automatic ABS system will protect you in the event of slippery roads or non-compliance with safe distances between road users. 
  • A spare tire, repair kit, or car battery charger will help you get out of an awkward situation with a punctured wheel or ignition failure.
  • On a long journey, the driver should have enough rest therefore make sure to make enough safety stops. It is better to prepare the route in advance, as well as to think about which hotel you spend the night in.
  • In case of good weather, you can pack a tent.

Be Careful When Renting a Vehicle

Sometimes the unforeseen situation can affect you already during the car rental contract signing. Carefully read it, check the technical and visual condition of the car, mileage, and inform yourself about the possible mileage limit. More tips on what to look out for when renting a car can be found here.

Any adventure involves careful planning, whether we are talking about traveling by car or plane. All possible nuances must be taken into account. However, if properly organized, your trip can become a real treasure trove of unforgettable emotions and warm memories.

At Rentalport, we always try to offer you the most suitable car for you. In addition, we have also prepared several articles with various tips for a trip around Slovakia and abroad, you may find them here or here.