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Holiday in Croatia? Rent a Car and Travel Comfortably!

Therefore, we decided to introduce you to the best summer holiday destinations in Europe. The first one is beautiful Croatia! Did you know that flying there and renting a car on the spot is much better than traveling there by car? At Rentalport you may find the best deals!

The summer season is slowly coming and terms such as "holiday 2022", "cheap flights", or "best summer resorts" are among the top searched phrases on Google. Croatia is a land of beautiful nature with rocky cliffs, picturesque bays, beaches with yellow sand, and an azure sea. Holidays in Croatia are an ideal choice for those who do not like the noisy nightlife and are more into a family vacation. In addition to a clean coastline lined with pine trees, Croatia has mineral springs, unique healing oil, and secluded beaches for nudists.

How To Get From Slovakia to Croatia?

By Train

If you go on holiday to Croatia by train, your trip will start in Bratislava since every train to Croatia departs from there. The trains are modern and well-equipped making travel very comfortable compared to a long drive by car.

While traveling you can visit the train restaurant, enjoy observing the landscape from the train window, read a book, take a nap, or play board games.

Return tickets from Bratislava to individual cities in Croatia range from € 22 to € 200 /per adult. Children, the disabled, the elderly and students have discounted tickets. However, the price may vary depending on the type of seating/bed.

However, if you still can't imagine a holiday in Croatia without a car, you can simply rent it through RentalPort as we offer vehicles for rent in almost all popular Croatian resorts. Your travel will be more convenient and you can easily discover the beautiful landscapes of Croatia.

By Bus

Traveling to Croatia by bus takes even less than by train, but it is a little less comfortable. However, there are several stops, so that you can go for a short walk to stretch out or buy some groceries. Travel by bus is offered by various travel agencies or bus companies such as Regiojet or Flixbus.

The price of return tickets in the case of the above-mentioned bus companies ranges from around € 40 and above, depending on the destination, the type of seats, and, for example, the age of the passenger. Besides, the buses are provided with comfortable seats, onboard service, sockets, WiFi, and a multimedia screen. Other advantages of traveling to Croatia by bus are boarding places throughout Slovakia and a large number of final destinations in Croatia.

By plane

To Croatia by plane? A good choice! You can easily get there from Bratislava, Vienna, or Budapest. From March to early June, the return tickets cost only about € 20. During the high season (July to October) the prices are slightly higher, around 70 € for a return ticket. If you want to save some money, we definitely recommend you buy your ticket in advance!

The biggest advantage of traveling to Croatia by plane is time - the flight itself takes up to 2 hours.

By car

Many people, especially those traveling with their families, think that going to Croatia by car is the best choice because you have more freedom.

However, traveling by car may have its disadvantages. For example, the trip may take a very long time because of the traffic jams. Also, you need another driver to take turns with.

Moreover, you might be charged tolls and other fees. Together with the current prices for gas, it might be a challenge for your wallet.

Why is it better to rent a car from RentalPort directly on the spot?

By renting a car from Rentalport you get a great opportunity to visit various destinations during your stay in Croatia. What are the other benefits of renting a car from Rentalport?

  • The ability to choose a car that fits your requirements. For family trips, you can rent an SUV or combi and for trips around Croatia with a large group of friends for example a minivan. Here you can find more tips on what category to rent.
  • In case there are more people going on a trip with you, you can share the bill for the car rental. In addition, if you book your car well in advance, you can save tens if not hundreds of euros.
  • The longer you travel, the less you pay for the rental per day. Read more about how much a car rental may cost you here.
  • Independence from public transport. You can choose the route yourself and stop where it is convenient for you

What You Should Know Before Renting a Car

  • You must have a valid driver's license. If you do not have an EU driving license, you need to obtain an international one
  • The minimum age for renting a car in Croatia is 21 years
  • Driving experience must be at least 1 year

Other Important Information

  • The new law in Croatia allows 0.5 per mille of alcohol in the driver's blood but does not apply to professional drivers and young drivers. Zero blood alcohol tolerance applies to drivers of C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D, D + E, H vehicles, driving school instructors, professional drivers, taxi drivers, ambulance drivers, and drivers from 18 to 24 years. In the event of an accident, blood alcohol is considered a major aggravating circumstance for all drivers
  • Be careful when traveling in Croatia while raining. Roads covered with limestone dust become very tricky and slippery even at low speeds (as in icing)