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Tips For a Trip Around Malta on Mother's Day

The pandemic restrictions are being released again and the temperatures rise. Plan your trip as a gift and spend time with your family.

After two long years of pandemic-related restrictions, traveling is finally getting back to normal. Since this year's Mother's Day is behind the door, how about taking your mom on a pleasant family trip to Malta? Whether you are interested in culture, history, gastronomy, boat trips, or walks by the beach, this Mediterranean paradise is the right choice!

Qawra Point Beach

Although the sea can be easily reached all around Malta, it is worth traveling a little extra to discover the amazing beaches along its north coast. In case you happen to spend your holiday in Qawre, you are the lucky one! This vivid seaside village has a perfect location in the northern region of Malta and it is just a few miles from the most beautiful Maltese plugs. To enjoy the trip to the fullest, we definitely recommend you a car hire. On Rentalport's website, you may find various categories of cars available for rent in Malta for great prices!

Qawra Point Beach is one of the places you should not miss on your trip, it can be an unforgettable Mother's Day gift for your mum!

Explore the fishing village of Marsaxlokk in southern Malta. 

Start your day the way the Maltese do - by swimming in the harbor! After having pastizzi for breakfast, get into your rental car and head to Marsaxlokk! Although it may not look distant on the map, the bus ride can take almost an hour, so we recommend that you rent a car. This way you save time and arrive in the village right on time to catch the freshest fish on the market. The fish market takes place on Sundays and it offers some of the best seafood on the island.

There are also many seafood restaurants where you can taste the daily catch. The restaurants offer great food at affordable prices served by a very friendly staff.
When you get enough fish, head to the nearby St. Peters pool. It is really hot there in the summer, so we recommend you rent a car with an AC. You can then go for a walk along the cliff. This place is known for jumping off cliffs, so if you arrive at the right time, you can experience a really fun show. At the end of the day, you can rent a boat at the port and experience a quiet voyage on the crystal clear sea together with your family.

This selection of tips is just a drop in the ocean of everything you can do in Malta. It is rich in experiences, so if you visit Malta, be sure to expect that your vacation time will most likely be insufficient.