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Rent a Car and Go On a Trip In Bratislava!

RentalPort brings you tips for trips around Bratislava. Whether you are directly from Bratislava or just spending some time there on holiday, we believe that thanks to these tips, we will make your trip more pleasant.

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What To See In Bratislava?

Bratislava has something to offer for everyone! If you plan to go there with children, we advise you visit spots such as the Železná Studnička complex, the science center or the Bratislava ZOO. However, we have mentioned only a small part of Bratislava´s attractions that are worth seeing with your children. The Bratislava Zoo is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Bratislava. You can find there more than a thousand animals and 180 species. Moreover, from May to September, the visitors can experience annotated feeding and be closer to animals than usual.

A City Tour With Children!

Opposite the Cathedral of St. Martin, there is the Bibian House of Art for Children, which is perfect for little ones. You can relax a bit while the children are having an unforgettable artistic experience. The house of art includes a fairytale world and interactive exhibitions, through which children have the opportunity to get acquainted with art and culture, support their imagination and gain new knowledge. In addition to Bibiana, your children can jump in the Jump Arena, then go to Bon Manufaktur and make their own sweets by hand from natural ingredients. You can also visit the coronation photo-video point at Michalská brána and take pictures with historical costumes. A must-see place for children is also the Aurelium Science Experience Center, where they can see, for example, how the hologram works or how difficult it is to balance the magnet. Click here to find out more interesting places in Bratislava.

In case you want to explore Bratislava´s surroundings and do not know where to go, we recommend the following 12 beautiful places.

A Trip Around Bratislava - 12 Tips For Places You Cannot Miss!

Lookout tower on Devínská Kobyla

The lookout tower is built on the highest point of Devínská Kobyla with an altitude of 514 m. Thanks to its unique location, from the top of the tower, there is a view of the surroundings of Devínská Nová Ves, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. The view of the three neighboring lands was the motive for the location of the three viewing areas, with each platform at a different height level. The highest platform is set about 20 m above the surrounding terrain.

Biofarma Príroda

Biofarm Príroda can be found in Stupava in the area of the former Botanical Garden of Comenius University. Currently, there is a farm with live animals. If you get hungry after visiting an organic farm, you do not need to go far for lunch. You can also enjoy homemade bryndza dumplings, fresh bread, or delicious cakes like from grandma right at the farm! The opening hours are from 11:00 to 19:00 every day.

Driny Cave

Driny Cave is the only accessible cave located in western Slovakia. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Little Carpathians. Driny Cave is a dripping cave, situated about 2 km southwest of Smolenice in the Smolenice karst. The entrance to the cave is at an altitude of 399 m. above the sea level on the western slope of the Driny Hill (434 m). It is a fissure cave, modeled by rainwater, which penetrated into the underground of the fissure system. For this reason, the corridors are relatively narrow.

White Stone Castle

If you prefer a light hike or a walk, one of the Lesser Carpathian wine-growing towns, Svätý Jur, is a perfect spot for you! White Stone Castle from the early Gothic period was built by landowners as protection against enemy troops. Nowadays, the castle is a ruin, but the walk through the forest is really beautiful. When wandering through forest paths, you can vent your head and gain positive energy. How about spending some time together with friends by the fire next to the ruins? You can find there several fireplaces.

Red Stone Castle

The most beautiful castle near Bratislava is undoubtedly the Red Stone Castle. If you haven't heard of it, hurry up, because you're missing out on a beautiful experience. Red Stone Castle boasts excellent entertainment and is one of the best-preserved castles in Slovakia. In the 16th century, it was rebuilt from the original royal castle into a massive fortress, which aroused respect. Even filmmakers from all over the world were enchanted by this magical fortress, as films such as Dragon's Heart and The Cave of the Golden Soul (Princess Fantagiró) were shot here. After a tour of the castle and museum, you can look forward to fencing swordsmen and end the visit with a wine tasting in the wine shop or a good coffee in the Castle Café.

Haluzická Gorge

You probably had no idea about this place. This is because the Haluzická Gorge is not a typical place for tourists. The village of Haluzice, which is only an hour from Bratislava, is unknown to many people, so it is clear that the place is not crowded with tourists. However, the Haluzická Gorge is a hidden treasure and it is definitely worthwhile to set out on a journey to this magical place. The canyon, about one kilometer long, is constantly expanding spontaneously, teeming with life and surprising you with lush greenery and waterfalls. In addition, just a few minutes walk from the gorge you will find the equally magical ruins of a Romanesque church.

Budmerice Manor House

Budmerice Manor House is situated in the Trnava hills near the edge of the Little Carpathians, in the park in front of the village Budmerice. This cultural and historical landmark of Budmerice was built in a combination of several styles based on the Renaissance patterns of the castles on the Loire in France with a number of smaller turrets and gabled vicars. The manor is surrounded by a beautiful English park. In the immediate vicinity of the park, on the road leading to the Red Stone, Count Pálffy had a chapel built by the Virgin Mary of Lourdes, which still stands there today.

Senec Sunny Lakes

Sunny Lakes are a clear choice for those who want to relax surrounded by beautiful nature and at the same time good service. Senec Sunny Lakes are among the most visited summer resorts in Slovakia. They are only 30 kilometers from Bratislava, making them an ideal choice for a break from the busy city. It is also a good spot for visitors from other parts of Slovakia who want to combine water fun with exploring our metropolis. Sports lovers would find there many interesting activities such as beach volleyball, tennis, football, or water football. Fishermen will also enjoy themselves there as it is allowed to catch fish on the lakes. In addition, there are playgrounds for children, where they can hang out and make new friends. The attractiveness of the area is also increased by the year-round water park with many water slides and swimming pools.


The biggest jewel of the entire Lednice-Valtice area (inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996) is Lednice Castle. The first mention of the local castle dates back to 1222. In the 16th century, there was built a Renaissance castle, and one century later a Baroque mansion with a large garden and a monumental riding school. The final appearance of the castle dates from the 19th century when Prince Alois II. from Liechtenstein had the seat rebuilt in the spirit of English Gothic. The castle currently offers 4 sightseeing routes.
Lavender farm, Starovičky - South Moravia
The farm was founded in 2013 when more than 40,000 lavender shrubs were planted there. The field is located in the small village of Starovičky, near the town of Hustopeče and the Lednice-Valtice area - in a region of wine, folk traditions, and important cultural monuments.

Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl am See, known to Slovaks as Lake Neusiedl, is only a 30-minute drive from Bratislava. The symbol of the lake has become a red and white lighthouse, which is a characteristic feature of the lake. It is the largest steppe lake in Central Europe and it is also registered in UNESCO. It offers many opportunities for recreation, including cycling, water sports, such as boating or yachting, but also summer swimming on one of the beaches or swimming pools. There is a bike path from Bratislava leading directly to Lake Neusiedl, so you can take a full-day bike trip. There are a total of 11 bike paths around the lake, which pass through the top places in the area.

Schloss Hof Castle

Not far from the Slovak-Austrian border, there is a fairytale castle Schloss Hof. In the past, Eugene of Savoy transformed it into a magnificent hunting lodge, but later it became the seat of Queen Maria Theresa. This place is full of history and also offers the opportunity to walk through the castle garden or visit the local farm, which was once used to supply the castle. You may find there more than 240 animals, including rare sheep, alpine hens, lipizzans, white peacocks, white donkeys, and exotic dromedaries.

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