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Tips for trip in Romania during the upcoming Children's Day

June 1, celebrated in many countries as International Children's Day, is approaching! Celebrate this day with your children and take them on an exciting weekend trip by car! 

Romania is a beautiful country that is suitable for a family visit. Trips to local attractions will not take you more than 1-2 days.  In such a short time, you will be able to see almost all the beauties of the selected region. In case you do not have your own car, we advise you to rent a car for your day trip from RentalPort. In Romania, we offer a wide selection of cars offered by the best local car rental companies!

Astra Museum (Sibiu, Romania)

It is a whole complex of themed houses (around 300 pieces)located in the forest. You can enter some buildings and watch skilled craftsmen forging iron, baking bread in the oven or making wine. In the neighborhood, there are small huts of farmers and shepherds. It may seem that you ended up in a fairy tale as the museum staff has managed to create the atmosphere of a real ancient Romanian village. Together with the children, you can explore everything by yourself or hire a professional guide who will tell you more about the lives of Romanian peasants. In addition, you can try a horse-drawn carriage ride and admire the beautiful forest landscape.


Transylvania is probably the most visited place in Romania. The land of vampires, known throughout the world for its Gothic paintings, is an interesting place for both - adults and children. You can experience a classic or unusual trip:

- unusual: special actors will try to scare you every step of the way, tell horror stories, and create simple special effects from artificial blood and false teeth
- classic: a more relaxed version in which guests are told a true story without fiction and legends.

Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle)

It is better to hire a guide for this visit since there are a lot of secret rooms and corridors and an inexperienced tourist might easily miss the best parts or get lost. Also, do not hesitate to ask locals about the famous ruler of Romania, Vlad Tepeš. At the castle, you will meet a lot of small merchants with amulets from evil spirits, whistles, and wooden ornaments.

Thermal water park in Bucharest

It is a real paradise not only for children but also for adults. 16 water slides, 9 thermal pools, various water attractions, 10 saunas, and many other interesting activities will help you and your children to really enjoy the children's day in Romania! Admission to the aquapark for the whole day for one adult will cost you about 20 € and admission for children under 3 years is free.
If you are traveling by plane, Rentalport will be happy to arrange a car rental for you directly at Bucharest airport at excellent prices. From there, where you can go straight to the aquapark.