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Is better to search for car rentals on the web or rent a car trough Rentalport?

Maybe you didn’t know that you can also rent a car through Rentalport before. Rentalport car rental uses the capacity of many rental companies on the market and offers the conditions that suit the customer as much as possible. Rentalport negotiates the terms and conditions with car rental companies to ensure the best prices for the client on the market. The offer of the portal is much wider than the offer of certain car rental companies. In the following article, we will present to you the advantages of the Rentalport and we will also compare the car rent through Rentalport versus car rent through the car rental company. Let's start!

1. Wide choice

Whether you have a specific idea or not, the advantage of renting a car through Rentalport is that you have a much wider offer to choose from than from individual car rental companies. Rentalport is a platform with integrated rules and car rental companies perform at one marketplace under the heading of Rentalport, so you can choose from a wide range of brands, models, categories or vehicle classes. For example, if you need a car for a specific purpose, such as a vacation, business trip, moving, wedding car or sports car, or anything else, nothing is easier than visiting such a platform and choosing the vehicle you need. Rentalport currently brings together offers from up to 100 car rental companies of various sizes (and that number is still increasing!). If you imagine the offer of each of them, there will be a lot of variations from which you can choose the most advantageous deal.

2. Offer comparison 

Another big advantage is that you can compare the offers of many car rentals on one site. Rentalport merges car rentals under one brand with the same rules but the rental conditions vary slightly for each car rental company. Fees, services or extras that are included in the rental price are determined individually by each rental company. Rentalport is here to help the customer understand the fees, services, accessories and to choose a rental with the range of services that suits him best. The customer will avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the rent. Car rental companies don't have to return the deposit to the customer in case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the lease or if the vehicle is damaged, or when the customer is obliged to pay extra kilometers or airport charges. The most important rental conditions to compare prior to booking are the rental price, security deposit and other fees and services included in the rental price, such as insurance conditions, mileage limit, fuel policy or free cancellation within 48 hours. All this information can be greatly verified through Rentalport without the need to browse many websites.

3. Customer programs

Did you know that you can get a much better rental car price with a comparator like a Rentalport? Platforms like Rentalport have far more customers than, for example, local rental companies and so we are able to provide you better conditions than local rental companies. Strong brand platforms also offer a variety of different customer programs, and if you need to rent a car regularly, renting through Rentalport can be much more convenient for you. The way car rental works like Rentalport is based on having much greater purchasing power, by focusing on a wide range of customers and huge numbers of bookings. So we bring a large volume of customers to car rental companies and, in the end, we can negotiate better prices and conditions with car rentals. That's the reason why we can provide better prices for our customers. Isn't that a win-win solution?

4. No restrictions

When renting through local car rental companies, you may meet with various restrictions like traveling abroad, renting for a longer period of time and so on. Rentalport works really flexibly and can almost always adapt to the customer's needs. Even if the particular car you have chosen is not available, we are able to offer you an adequate replacement that suits your needs. The fact that Rentalport works with dozens of car rental companies, local and international ones under one brand, it's not the problem to redirect a reservation to another car rental company.

5. Reliability

With Rentalport, you can be almost 100% sure that you are dealing with professionals. The management of such a portal requires a lot of experience and knowledge. The added value of similar platforms is, besides a strong brand, and “bargain price” for customers, also the fact that you will find plenty of customer reviews, which will certainly help you make the right decisions. Rentalport cares about the quality of its services, and only the companies that meet strict standards can offer their vehicles through the portal. Car rentals are thoroughly verified before they can offer vehicles on our site. In addition, the quality of the services offered is continually reviewed throughout the entire period of cooperation between the portal and the car rental company. Rentalport says on its website “If we detect a problem that customers are alerting us to, we try to correct it and if it doesn't, we have the opportunity to stop working with that car rental company. So the quality is guaranteed!

The disadvantages of Rentalport from the customer's point of view could be summarized in just a few points. If you rent a car through Rentalport, you should be aware that our company is not the owner of the vehicle. That means that in some cases it may happen that we have less detailed information about the particular vehicle. The second disadvantage may be that similar platforms handle hundreds of car rental complaints per day. If you are unable to resolve your claim with a car rental and want to escalate the problem to us, you must stay patient.

However, if you rise above these disadvantages, which in most cases are negligible, there is nothing to worry about. In particular, the customer can only benefit when using a Rentalport. We operate in such a way that we have contracts with car rental companies and car rentals pay us a commission for each rented vehicle through our platform. Platforms like us are trying to develop the intensive marketing that you have most likely encountered online. As a result, we attract more customers and then we are able to provide better prices for them. Similar platforms have many years of experience in this, as they primarily target the final customer.

Rentalport launched its services in March, 2020 and has become the largest car rental company of this type in Slovakia with a fleet of more than 100,000 vehicles. It offers a wide range of branches throughout Slovakia, even in smaller cities. A platform of this type is unique and dares to compete with giants such as Expedia, Pelikán or Kiwi, as evidenced by expansion into other EU countries. The platform is intuitive, comprehensive and simple. So if we summarize the advantages compared to disadvantages altogether, there is really nothing to hesitate about. Today, similar booking platforms are as common in the world as any other site that sets strict standards under one strong brand. So, we will bring only more and more benefits to our customers.