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The largest car rental is established - Rent a vehicle at the best price!, a corporation that operates online car rental started offering its services. The company offers the opportunity to compare and book a car from more than a dozen Slovak and Czech car rental companies with a fleet of more than a thousand vehicles.

We offer incomparable coverage by branches throughout Slovakia, including smaller cities. We have already partially opened the Czech market and we are already renting vehicles in Prague. Car rental is also available from locations such as Nové Zámky, Bardejov, or Michalovce. The wide range of many categories and various car brands can be also interesting for customers. Only with a few clicks, you can take the Fiat 500 to the city center, the Škoda Octavia for a business trip, the Renault Traffic as a mover or the Audi A6 just for "fun".

A platform of this type is unique and dares to compete with giants such as Expedia, Pelikán, or Kiwi, as evidenced by expansion into other EU countries. “From the early beginning, we approach the platform as a global project and we do not fix ourselves on any specific country or region. However, it doesn’t mean that the customer is secondary to us. On the contrary, the customer is the most important to us. Our goal is to offer quality services at fair prices. We subordinate all our efforts into this philosophy, ”said Martina Bondarchuk, CEO of, a.s.

“In the last few years, the number of tourists from countries like England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine increased in Slovakia. And the demand for rental cars is also increasing. Only in Bratislava, 55,000 more customers rented a vehicle in 2019 than in 2018. The trends are similar in each country and our effort is to capture them. Then we can target marketing so that we can get as many rentals as possible” - Martina Bondarchuk continues.

Although the launch of the website is not coming to the market at the most ideal time because of the pandemic, the Rentalport team will not be discouraged in any way. “Tourism and mobility are changing. Air transport may not be so functional as it was for a long time. Customer moods are changing too. Whether out of fear of Coronavirus or in an effort to support regional tourism, Slovaks plan to spend their holidays in their homeland, and this is where we see an opportunity. "

The company is convinced that the platform would have a positive effect on tourism in the regions. "People find it great to be spontaneous. Places, where it is not crowded with tourists, are becoming extremely attractive, especially these days, but very often are these wonderful places accessible only by a car. Rentalport combines this spontaneity and attractiveness with its philosophy and business strategy "- explains CEO Martina Bondarchuk

When it comes to using the platform, it's very simple and intuitive. The platform is appropriate for individuals or for companies also. However, the platform also brings added value to car rental companies that decide to participate. For car rental companies is Rentalport a new distribution channel through which they can earn new customers. And it seems that there will be a struggle over customers in the coming months. Car rental companies will also get access to their account through which they can effectively manage their branches, fleet, the services they provide, and much more.