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How Much It Costs to Rent a Car?

Renting a car is very similar to buying flight tickets. Prices are constantly changing, and if you want to find the best option, you should spend enough time comparing them. Similarly, you should know what can influence the final price thus what to be careful about.

The cost of the rental depends on various factors, including the vehicle category, the pickup and dropoff location, the above-limit kilometers, or the prices for extras and additional insurance. In our article, we will summarize some tips on how to rent a car for a reasonable price.

Choose the right vehicle category

Cars offered by car rentals are divided into categories (from MINI to LUXURY VEHICLES) depending on the type of vehicle, bodywork, size of the luggage compartment, or the purpose for which the vehicle is intended. Generally, the fancier and larger the vehicle, the more you will pay. Therefore, before you rent a car, it is important to take into consideration how long your rental should be, what are your expectations, and your budget.

If you are still a bit lost in what the vehicle categories are like, have a look at our "guide", which describes the individual categories.

Choose the right place and time of the pickup/dropoff location

If possible, avoid renting a vehicle from the airport branch. Due to taxes and airport fees, its price is often significantly higher than the rental price from a regular branch. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to use the airport transfer, taxi or UBER, transport yourself to the nearest regular car rental branch.

The time of pickup/dropoff can also affect the rental price. Most car rental companies have fixed opening hours. If you pick up or drop off the vehicle while the branch is closed, you will be charged an out-of-hours fee, which ranges on average from 10 to 25 euros. To avoid this fee, check the opening hours of the branch in advance and try to schedule the collection/handover of the vehicle at this time.

Make sure if there is a mileage limit on the rented vehicle

Some car rental companies charge an additional fee if you exceed the mileage limit set for the vehicle or category. Although this information is usually included in the car rental agreement, many customers tend to overlook it and this fee is an unpleasant surprise for them when handing over the vehicle. Therefore, we recommend that you check whether this fee applies to the vehicle you have selected, or choose another without a mileage limit.

Reconsider if you need any extras or car insurance

Car rentals offer a wide selection of extras that can be purchased. Their price can vary greatly, and while in one car rental company you pay 5 euros for one specific extra, in another you can pay twice or three times for the same. Therefore, before renting a car, think carefully about which accessories you really need and try to find car rentals with the best prices.

As for the additional insurance offered, this extra is the most common up-sell into buying which the agents would push you, especially when renting a car directly at the car rental branch. Their price usually varies depending on the vehicle category and can climb up to tens of euros per day. Before you buy any additional insurance, it is, therefore, a good idea to first find out what your regular insurance covers and decide whether you really need additional insurance.

Rent a car online

As with most products, online prices when renting a car are usually lower. Going for this option, you can easily and quickly see the offers of several car rentals and you can also come across interesting promotions and discounts. At the same time, your choice will not be influenced by a car rental agent, whose commission depends on the amount of your rental.

Rent a vehicle in advance

As with holiday or airline ticket reservations, if you make a reservation a few days or weeks in advance, the rental will usually cost you less. We, therefore, recommend you not to rent your car at the last minute.