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5 Must-See Places In Dubrovnik!

Are you going on a summer vacation to Croatian Dubrovnik? We have great tips for trips in this beautiful city!

27th June 2022 17:05Read more

Rentalport Comes To Croatia!

Croatia is one of many countries we have managed to expand to this year. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Eur...

21st June 2022 12:40Read more

Summer Vacation In Valencia

Summer is around the corner and you are still not sure where to go for a holiday? Rentalport is here to help you! In our article, ...

13th June 2022 17:10Read more

RentalPort Expands To Italy!

We have some great news for you! RentalPort´s coverage is again expanding! The last new country we have managed to cover is Italy!...

7th June 2022 15:43Read more

How much does it cost to rent a car?

Traveling by car gives you a lot of freedom and comfort. You can travel at your own pace, stop anytime to enjoy the view, and even...

6th June 2022 16:35Read more

Renting a Car in Corfu

The destination of your trip is already clear. Holidays in Corfu. If you are wondering what kind of transport to choose to move ar...

6th June 2022 16:30Read more

Tips for trip in Romania during the upcoming Children's Day

June 1, celebrated in many countries as International Children's Day, is approaching! Celebrate this day with your children and ta...

27th May 2022 12:45Read more

Rent a Car and Go On a Trip In Bratislava!

RentalPort brings you tips for trips around Bratislava. Whether you are directly from Bratislava or just spending some time there ...

17th May 2022 15:05Read more

Where To Go On a Summer Holiday? These Countries Are Lifting Their Covid Travel Restrictions!

In our article, we bring you tips on countries that have reopened their borders to tourists after the pandemic and apply almost no...

12th May 2022 18:34Read more

Tips For a Trip Around Malta on Mother's Day

The pandemic restrictions are being released again and the temperatures rise. Plan your trip as a gift and spend time with your fa...

11th May 2022 13:53Read more

Holiday in Croatia? Rent a Car and Travel Comfortably!

Therefore, we decided to introduce you to the best summer holiday destinations in Europe. The first one is beautiful Croatia! Did ...

12th April 2022 13:05Read more

Unforeseen Situations on the Road aka How Not to Spoil the Trip by Rental Car.

Unforeseen situations while traveling are very common. However, you can prepare for them and not spoil your vacation or trip.

26th March 2022 11:30Read more

Renting a Car for a Road Trip in Bulgaria

Are you traveling to Bulgaria and would like to rent a car for your trip?

4th March 2022 13:11Read more

What Are The Advantages of a Long-Term Car Rental?

Ordinary car rentals are used as a short-term replacement while repairing the car, for a trip or vacation, or for special occasion...

7th February 2022 10:00Read more

Can You Smoke in a Rental Car?

Our answer to the question of whether it is possible to smoke in a rental car will probably disappoint all smokers. However, the t...

31st January 2022 10:00Read more

How To Avoid Getting On a Rental Car Customer Blacklist?

Similar to real estate agencies, many car rental companies keep their own records of unreliable customers. Once you land on the bl...

24th January 2022 10:00Read more

Is It Allowed To Bring Your Pet in a Rental Car?

Do you have a pet and would like to take it by rental car for a road trip or vacation? We have good news - most car rental compani...

17th January 2022 10:00Read more

Rentalport Car Rental of the Year 2021

As in the previous year, in 2021 Rentalport, as the largest association of car rental companies in Slovakia, decided to run the pr...

10th January 2022 11:54Read more

Merry Christmas!

Dear customers, the fourth Advent candle has burned out and Christmas and New Year are just behind the corner. On behalf of the ...

22nd December 2021 10:00Read more

How Does a Car Rental Deposit Work?

When renting a car, there is always a security deposit required. Its amount, calculation, or method of refunding are among the mos...

6th December 2021 00:18Read more

What Should a Car Rental Complaint Look Like?

Although renting a car may seem like a simple matter, things do not always go according to the plan and some complications leading...

22nd November 2021 09:06Read more

Does Your Age Matter When Renting a Car?

No matter where you are planning to go by your car rental, the driver's age requirements can increase the price of your reservatio...

15th November 2021 08:00Read more

Car rental in Krakow during the upcoming National Independence Day

On November 11, Polish traditionally commemorate National Independence Day. As this year's Independence Day falls on a Thursday, m...

9th November 2021 12:25Read more

What To Do In Case Your Rental Car Got Stolen?

It is a very unpleasant situation when someone steals your car. It can be even worse if your rental car is stolen. How should you ...

18th October 2021 11:00Read more

Tips for 5 trips in Slovakia that can be done in one day

Would you like to go on a nice one-day trip around Slovakia and see its most beautiful locations? We prepared for you 5 tips for i...

12th October 2021 11:05Read more

What will be the biggest challenges in the car rental business in 2022?

How are large car rental companies dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and what are their prospects for the upcoming year? Leading ...

8th October 2021 09:21Read more

Why do car rental companies rent vehicle categories and not individual car models?

Most car rental companies, as well as online platforms for renting cars such as Rentalport, offer for rent categories of vehicles ...

20th September 2021 22:21Read more

What is the limited mileage and how does it work?

Are you going to rent a car for a holiday, road trip, or a longer trip? In this case, you should pay attention to the mileage limi...

19th August 2021 16:10Read more

Top 5 countries where to go for a summer vacation

Man thinks and COVID changes. This is how we could describe the last year and a half in the case of many of us. Our travel habits ...

2nd July 2021 08:16Read more

RentalPort is again expanding!

In order to be even closer to you, we are again expanding the list of our branches! Currently, you can rent a car with us in more ...

28th June 2021 03:03Read more

Are you planning to go on summer vacation to Corfu? You should definitely not miss these places!

The island of Corfu, located in the north of Greece, is a real gem. Thanks to its beautiful beaches, mild climate, lots of greener...

17th June 2021 19:15Read more

Are you going to explore Greece this summer? Book your vehicle through RentalPort!

From the very beginning, RentalPort´s mission is to satisfy as many customers at as many locations as possible. For this reason, w...

8th June 2021 20:29Read more

What will the EU COVID-19 pass look like and when will we start using it?

Last Thursday, after the fourth round of negotiations, the EU institutions reached a preliminary agreement on the introduction of ...

23rd May 2021 21:25Read more

Upcoming summer season: Why you should book your rental car in advance?

A year ago, the revenues from car rental dropped by an average of 85%. The losses could not be made up even during the summer seas...

4th May 2021 06:56Read more

Renting a Car at the Airport

If you are traveling by air, renting a car from the airport car rental branch is undoubtedly very convenient. However, it can be s...

22nd April 2021 05:56Read more

How Much It Costs to Rent a Car?

Renting a car is very similar to buying flight tickets. Prices are constantly changing, and if you want to find the best option, y...

1st April 2021 11:44Read more

What is the best car category for you?

Car rentals offer a wide selection of vehicle categories for rent, from the MINI category to LUXURY VEHICLES. Vehicles are divided...

25th March 2021 16:51Read more

Rentalport cities: Bucharest

In the 1970s, the Romanian capital, Bucharest, used to be called the Paris of the East. Although the city has undergone various ch...

11th March 2021 10:19Read more

The international success of Rentalport at the startup competition in Prague

Did you know that the women-founded startups present only 27% of all startups in Europe? That only around 7% of European women inv...

4th March 2021 11:08Read more

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Car Rental Industry?

Artificial intelligence has been progressing in almost all sectors in recent years. Car rental is no exception. How is artificial ...

18th February 2021 19:38Read more

What should a car rental agreement look like?

After a successful reservation of the vehicle through Rentalport, you will receive a booking confirmation, which the car rental co...

2nd February 2021 15:21Read more

What should you do if you need to change or cancel your car rental?

Do you have to cancel your trip due to current travel restrictions? Did you find out after booking a vehicle that you need to rent...

25th January 2021 14:30Read more

What to expect when returning a rented vehicle?

Returning a rented vehicle can sometimes be a little complicated. Therefore, it's good to know what to expect when handing over a ...

14th January 2021 18:09Read more

Car rental of the year 2020 in Slovakia

Rentalport is the first independent company in Slovakia that has decided to appreciate the excellent work done by car rental compa...

28th December 2020 11:08Read more

What to expect in the car rental business in 2021?

2020 has been a disaster for many car rental companies. In April, car rental sales fell by an average of 85% and the losses could ...

14th December 2020 22:23Read more

What is an out-of-hours fee and how to avoid it?

You may have already experienced the situation when the car rental company charged you extra fees you did not know about when maki...

7th December 2020 12:57Read more

Top 5 most used multi-purpose vans

Rental of vans and commercial vehicles has become increasingly popular in recent years. The greatest demand for this category of v...

30th November 2020 08:18Read more

Rentalport expands into Romania and Bulgaria!

After a successful expansion into the neighboring Czech Republic, we are launching new branches in Romania and Bulgaria. Currently...

4th November 2020 12:15Read more

When you should consider renting a car?

There are several reasons to rent a car. A broken car, road trip, moving into a new apartment, or a desire to try the latest model...

29th October 2020 08:07Read more

Help for car rental companies

Car renting is a seasonal thing. The strongest are usually the summer months of June, July, and August, when car rental sales acco...

22nd October 2020 09:21Read more

How to properly disinfect your car?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, we got used to social distancing and most of us are trying to avoid visits to places with a ...

15th October 2020 17:33Read more

Rentalport Cities: Prague

The Czech capital, famous mainly for its history, is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Although the numb...

29th September 2020 20:25Read more

Are you looking for the ideal mobility solution for your company?

Did any of the vehicles in your company´s fleet crash or you are waiting for a new vehicle to be delivered from production? Rental...

21st September 2020 13:03Read more

How to choose the right car rental?

Choosing a car rental company is just as important as choosing the destination to which you are going. How to choose the right one...

9th September 2020 18:38Read more

Contactless car rental

The contactless purchase of products or services is becoming increasingly popular. Car rental is no exception. Its main idea is to...

2nd September 2020 09:51Read more

Insurance for holidays

In today's turbulent crown times, most people choose to stay at home. However, some of us are braver, cannot stand without the sea...

28th August 2020 07:26Read more

Rentalport cities: Kosice

Many Slovaks consider the second-largest Slovak city, Kosice, to be even more beautiful than the capital. The metropolis of East S...

26th August 2020 06:06Read more

How to pack for a family road trip?

Do you have a small kid? In that case, you certainly know that almost everything takes longer with children than usual. Packing fo...

18th August 2020 04:31Read more

Rent a car during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic, which is still far from being over, has turned the lives of many of us upside down. However, the most af...

11th August 2020 04:17Read more

Rentalport expands globally!

Rentalport is a dynamically developing platform that focuses on online car booking and related services. It is currently operating...

16th July 2020 13:05Read more

Rentalport cities: Bratislava

Rentalport already operates in more than 20 cities and three countries. Each city is unique and has a lot to offer to its visitors...

12th July 2020 19:55Read more

What to look out for when renting a car?

• hidden fees can increase the advertised car rental price up to 30-70%• the most common cross-sells that customers are pushed int...

5th July 2020 10:34Read more

What does it mean to rent a car group?

In the offer of many car rental companies, as well as when renting a car through the largest rental platform Rentalport, you will ...

15th June 2020 09:53Read more

What is the significance of competition between international and local car rental company?

If you have already learned the benefits of renting a car through a car rental platform such as Rentalport, you will also encounte...

8th June 2020 12:55Read more

How does Rentalport take care of its customers?

On the market are large number of car rental companies that offer their services. These car rental companies provide different con...

4th June 2020 10:00Read more

Are you in need of a relief vehicle?

Your car has been demolished and a series of endless insurance claims is waiting for you. If you need to stay mobile and rent a ca...

22nd May 2020 16:52Read more

Is it cheaper nowadays to rent a car than electric scooter?

It very likely that you have noticed an increased number of shared bicycles or electric scooters in recent months. There is nothin...

14th May 2020 17:39Read more

What should you know about car insurance when renting

The next time you rent a car, you should know that you will have to pay extra for each premium service. Insurance is also one of t...

12th May 2020 20:47Read more

What does it mean to rent a vehicle category?

When you rent a car through Rentalport, you will come across one specific feature that similar search and booking platforms have i...

11th May 2020 15:51Read more

Will car rental companies survive the corona-crisis?

It is no longer a secret that the coronavirus that hit the whole world in 2020 will deeply affect the economy. Despite the fact th...

6th May 2020 05:25Read more

The largest car rental is established - Rent a vehicle at the best price!, a corporation that operates online car rental started offering its services. The company offers the opportunity to...

22nd April 2020 18:55Read more

Is better to search for car rentals on the web or rent a car trough Rentalport?

Maybe you didn’t know that you can also rent a car through Rentalport before. Rentalport car rental uses the capacity of many rent...

9th April 2020 07:18Read more

Important recommendations before renting a vehicle

When you are renting a car from any rental company or through a booking portal where multiple car rental offers are collected like...

6th April 2020 17:15Read more

When should I rent a car?

Like many other services, renting a car directly through a rental car company or through the Rentalport platform, which gathers mu...

4th April 2020 17:01Read more

Individual transport at the time of Coronavirus

Are you one of those who are panicking about the COVID-19 virus, or you just don't think that it is anything special? Epidemics an...

3rd April 2020 09:36Read more

How to rent a car through Rentalport platform?

Renting a car is a great way to discover the beautiful, inaccessible areas at your own pace. The following article its not only ab...

1st April 2020 13:02Read more

Why to rent a car?

Even if you are not the owner of a vehicle, but if you are an active driver, there may be situations in your life where you are in...

31st March 2020 15:05Read more

What to check when renting a car?

If you are renting a car for the first time, and if you will keep in your head a few essentials, it is likely to be a positive exp...

30th March 2020 09:39Read more

Car rental in a different way...

A holiday in the form of a mass-organized trip to a seaside resort is becoming less and less attractive for people. Places that ar...

12th March 2020 17:06Read more

How to watch out for rental fees?

Renting a vehicle can be much more convenient than owning a one. Especially when you don’t need the car on a daily basis. Car owne...

6th March 2020 10:41Read more

How do I find what fuel uses your rental car ?

Refueling a car may seem like something very simple. There are many cases when people refueled a car with the wrong fuel which cau...

3rd March 2020 08:59Read more

Roadtrip: 5 most beautiful natural beauties, which everyone should know

There is no doubt that Slovakia is a beautiful country. From Bratislava to Kosice we can find tons of natural beauties that are wo...

1st March 2020 15:01Read more

Business trip by car?

Business trips are becoming a part of the workload of many employees, especially in larger companies. Sometimes it is necessary to...

26th February 2020 15:52Read more

Winter driving tips

Although it is winter only according to the calendar, it does not mean that the weather on the road will no longer bother us. Espe...

19th February 2020 06:29Read more

How to avoid vehicle damage?

Especially during the winter months, it is very common that your car to be damaged. Of course, not only during the winter but espe...

13th February 2020 06:52Read more

Why do I have to make a deposit when renting a car?

Car rentals are used by many people in Slovakia. It is a practical and simple way to get a car according to your ideas for a trip,...

11th February 2020 16:11Read more

5 roadtrip tips

Slovaks travel abroad many times and spend a lot of money, although there are many beautiful areas in Slovakia. And you don't have...

2nd January 2019 12:44Read more